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xmark functional trainer cable machine


All together I have invested slightly over 2k . When comparing this against the FT2, I would consider whether or not you want to use plates on that Smith machine. There are 20 weight plates on each side of the weight stacks and each of the weight plates weigh 10 lbs and it is about 1 inch thick. I’m not that familiar with PowerTec as a brand, but at first glance their Workbench Multisystem looks pretty solid. What are your thoughts on the PowerTec Workbench Multisystem? Functional trainers are also very safe – and that’s less intimidating to gym newbies. Best Gloves for Rucking and Physical Training, Rogue Fitness now has the Kabuki Strength Duffalo Bar available. Overall, the Inspire Fitness FT1 is a great functional trainer. Add-on services (0 Selected) Show Less. This unit’s dimensions are: 58” (L) x 55” (D) x 91” (H). This trainer comes standard with dual 165 lb weight stacks. Look for a space efficient corner design is our advice. It’s lacking the Smith bar and the additional pulley positions, but what’s left works great. It’s very similar in features, but with a few significant differences. This is another pretty narrow machine with a width of only 55″ once assembled. You can build and maintain plenty of functional strength for real life with these machines. SAVE $56.00. This is a significant step down from the lifetime warranties seen already, but a lower price usually means a shorter guarantee. See full review. You aren’t going to build a world class powerlifting total with this machine. Here’s a list of commonly seen attachments: Benches are usually sold separately. What if you want all the benefits of a functional trainer and a full power rack (squat rack) all in one unit? See full review. The Torque F9 is a little lighter than the FT1, but otherwise they look very similar (warranty and price are very close too). The warranty on the PFT100 isn’t quite as generous as the trainers above. This unit is versatile and easy to adjust. What features should you look for in a functional trainer? Pitchers could use them to strengthen specific parts of their wind-up. Let’s find out how we can do a tabata workout, and what some great tabata exercises are. I also included my top picks currently available based on these specs. XMark Cable Machine Functional Trainer and Adjustable Weight Bench Dumbbell Bench (7630) Check Price on Amazon. With one or two weight stacks, pulley systems, cable attachments, and more, these machines are fantastic for full-body workouts and overall functional fitness. So, you won’t really be lifting 400 lbs total on a two stack machine with 200 lbs. Lat Pull-down and Low Row Cable Machine $720.00 with FREE SHIPPING Add to Cart. With ankle straps or ankle cuffs you can easily perform a variety of lower body movements. The ability to supplement the weight stack resistance with bands is a unique feature of this unit. This means you’ll have to read user reviews (or guides like this one!) At first glance it looks really comparable to Inspire’s FT1. Cable Crossover machines and Functional Trainers from Body Solid, Legend Fitness, Bodycraft, Xmark, York and more! Finding these home gyms can be a little tricky if you don’t know what to look for. They are great for a wide range of trainees (young or old, experienced or new), rehabilitative exercise, and for specialized sports training. Not only for the price but also the versatile features it provides. The XM-7626 is built from heavy duty 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ steel mainframe construction. How about the TuffStuff’s Evolution Corner Multi-Functional Trainer with Smith Press Attachment (CXT-225)? Also, keep in mind these dimensions don’t include the space taken up by a bench (if you plan on using one). Let’s talk about functional trainers, also called cable machines. Body-Solid offers a 10-year frame warranty and a 1-year parts warranty on this model. is not a licensed medical care provider and represents that it has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition. Considering this gym is a couple hundred bucks cheaper than the FT1, I don’t think it’s a huge deal. Also know that most trainers allow you to upgrade the weight stack for additional cost. You will be able to enjoy the weight lifting style of the machine. Continuous Tension – The cable machine provides a smooth, continuous tension – because the weight stack is moving straight up and down. Most allow you to buy an extra 50 lb or so per stack. Not enough resistance for you? One of the benefits of this unit is the much smaller footprint – so it might work better for your garage or home gym – where space is usually limited. The trainer allows versatile movements, is easy to adjust and store, and is a suitable trainer for all ages. The HFT also comes with 7 different handles as well as an exercise booklet- plenty to get your workouts started in the right direction. Overall, the HFT is very similar in specs and features to the FT1 and the XMark. Although these machines are used a lot for rehab purposes, they’ve become very popular as home gyms as well- due in large part to the vast exercise variety they can offer. They feature a sheet of PVC material which ensures smooth movement over the pulleys. I love to see a lifetime warranty on the frame and many quality trainers are offering this. Some brands will include a bunch, others will throw in a single pair of handles to get you started. Each plate weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kg), which means that each stack’s adjustment increments are 10 lbs. Younger people, older trainees, and those that are new to the weight room might shy away from the imposing barbell and plates. Rogue Fitness doesn’t currently offer a functional trainer machine. You can also add a bench and perform movements that mimic traditional seated (or lying) free weight exercise – such as the bench press. But the functional trainer is easy to use, easy to get started, and very safe. There are two different weight stacks with a weight of 200 pounds each. I purchased 2 aluminum dual hook bars a straight and curling one , aluminum straight short bar , tricep rope , rotating handels for pull ups , and pull up assit belt that attach to both pulleys that can go under your feet or knees. XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine with Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks. XMark XM-7626 Functional Trainer Cable Machine (Buy on Amazon) Made from 11 gauge steel and with dual 200 lb weight stacks – XMark provides another affordable option for a home or garage gym. Both pull-ups and chin-ups are excellent bodyweight exercise. I’m not familiar with Hoist, but I looked them up and took a quick look at the Mi6. Our first pick is the Victory Multi-Grip Functional Trainer from Rep Fitness. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program (as well as others), an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. After all, if you invest in the right trainer, there’s a good chance it’ll be the last home gym you ever have to buy. This is the most complete unit “all in one” unit we’ve ever seen offered for a home or garage gym. XMark backs up their functional trainer with a lifetime frame and 1-year parts warranty. And as such, it’s totally reasonable that you might squat or bench press 200 lbs. Functional trainers are a great tool for therapists because the adjustable pulleys offer pretty much unlimited range of motion. If space is limited, definitely something to consider. It gives you the possibility to perform more than 35 gym quality exercises, being a perfect trainer for users of all levels. The 5 Best Total Gym Attachments – Top Accessories To Expand Your Gym, Everything You Need To Know About The XTERRA TR200 Treadmill [A Review], Is The XTERRA TRX2500 Treadmill A Smart Buy? Well, the XMark functional trainer comprises of four cable handles, pull-up bars, a long and a short bar, an ankle strap, and a leg extension strap. Keep in mind that because of the mechanical advantage of the pulley (2:1 ratio), you are only really lifting half the selected weight- 100 lb on the stack feels like lifting 50 lb (although not all trainers use a 2:1 ratio). The HFT comes with a lifetime warranty on both the frame and parts, making it the most affordable machine on this list with a lifetime warranty on both. strongly recommends that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. The XMark Functional Trainer XM-7626 (Buy on Amazon) is also one of our top choices. And a bench . The buck stops here. Functional trainers are a type of cable exercise machine can give you a total body workout in a safe, quick, and efficient fashion. Im glad it didn’t come with many attachments as I was able to purchase the ones I wanted., and I hang them on the hooks on back of the cross bar. At first glance, the FT2 is an impressive looking specimen. Balanced work – because the weight stacks are independent you can ensure that each arm (or leg) is doing it’s share of the work. I think the F9 could be a good choice, might come down to which accessories are included for each. In order to offer the exercise variety they’re known for, these machines need to have a least 1 adjustable pulley system, although most have 2. any thoughts on the Element Fitness NEUTRON FT? You could also load more weight on your weak side, by choosing a different weight selection for the second weight stack. The workouts, exercises, and other movements provided on this website are for informational and educational purposes only, and are not intended for use as a substitute for professional programming. Most (but not all) of the exercises are performed in a standing position – and when performing single arm or single leg (“isolateral”) exercise you are going to get a significant core or anti-rotation workout. But a barbell with no Olympic weight plates isn’t a challenge for very long. Trying to compare it to the Inspire products. I am comparing that system to the Inspire FT2. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. They’re often used to strengthen sport specific moves like swinging a baseball bat or golf club. *. This is the updated 2019 model: If your needs (or budget) are more modest, check out the G3. It easily adjusts for anyone in your household, whether young or old, short or tall. I’ll put this machine on my to do list for a review. The XMark Functional Trainer looks like something you’d find at your local Gold’s. Depending on the price, any warranty 10 years or more on the frame is pretty decent. If you're in for a top of the line machine, then I want to introduce you to the XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine, the XM-7626. Overall though, the XMark Functional Trainer is still a solid machine. VOODOO Commercial 7' Olympic Bar $221.00 with FREE SHIPPING Add to Cart. Just like the FT2, the pulleys provide smooth action and they are easy to adjust. A functional trainer is great for these things: The fact that these machines are multiplanar is what gives them the name functional trainer. Each tower comes pre-assembled, so you really only need to connect them via the frame (most users can do so in about 2 hrs). I’m not familiar with this model, but I looked it up and it does look nice. Finally, the FT1 is backed by the same awesome warranty as the FT2: limited lifetime on frame and parts. My first impression is that it looks like a quality machine, but the price is high, especially since you have to pay more to get the stacks upgraded to 200 lb. This unit also includes the pull-up bar or chin-up bar that we recommend. The cable machine allows you to do exercises that you could mimic in everyday life, such as twisting, lifting, bending, and reaching. There are a few extra changes that you might not have noticed – such as extra handles for changing the height of the cable – but the differences are mostly aesthetic. A lot of home trainers only have the 2 adjustable pulleys, but this trainer has 6 additional pulleys (at different widths) allowing you to perform any exercise comfortably. It also allows 2 people to workout at the same time, depending on the exercise each is doing, of course. And longer is always better. It allows the user to experience unlimited training possibilities. This is the biggest reason I ranked the FT1 and HFT higher- even though this trainer has 200 lb stacks, the lifetime parts warranty on these other trainers is a smarter bet in my opinion. Inspire Fitness also backs the FT2 up with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and all parts. Meaning, they mimic real world movements – by building strength and stability in a coordinated fashion. Hands down the XMark functional trainer is the most versatile piece of equipment for you and your family's home gym. Instead you load your Olympic weight plates for resistance. This guide will walk you through all the ins and outs of these machines and show you the key specs you need to consider when comparing models to make sure you don’t waste your money. Several easily interchangeable accessories are included: a pair of 8″ hand straps, a pair of 17″ long strap handles, a 23″ tricep rope, a short bar and a 42″ long bar, leg extension leg curl strap and an ankle strap and workout poster. [A Review], The 7 Best Budget Friendly Treadmills Of 2021 – Top Options Under $1000, The 5 Best Recumbent Cross Trainers For Home Use – Your Comprehensive Guide, Everything You Should Know About The Total Gym Apex G3 [A Review]. The XM-7626 by XMark Fitness is a functional trainer for the whole family, as it's highly adjustable for virtually any height. Functional trainers are great because they offer a ton of workout variety and can stand alone as a complete home gym (well, the good ones can anyway). That said, Life Fitness produces some of the finest equipment on the planet. If two models look similar but there’s a difference in price, could be one comes with more attachments. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to ya soon. On top of this, the unit also has a split grip pull-up bar that lets you carry out pull-ups and chin-ups for a … Finally, I highly recommend you take a close look at all the dimensions to make sure the trainer you like will fit in your space. Typically used in commercial gyms, cable … This unit is compatible with a huge range of attachments for almost any exercise you require. A Functional Trainer is a cable machine that uses two independent weight stacks, pulleys, and cables (with handles) to provide unique workout benefits. It does have the pulleys (2:1 ratio), cables, and handles needed for the functional trainer. There are multiple pull-up grip options with rubber coated grips for comfortable pull-ups and a secure grip. Your email address will not be published. As such, these exercises are very functional. Even though it’s more affordable, this trainer still comes with dual weight stacks, each weighing 160 lb- which can be upgraded to 210 lb for additional cost. With heavy stacks, a ton of attachments, and a more budget friendly asking price, it’s earned its spot as one of the most popular home trainers around. There’s also an adjustable height pull up bar, adding to the workout variety this machine offers. Rest for 10 seconds. See full review. XMark XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine with Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks, 19 Adjustments, and an UPGRADED Accessory Package (Gray) Average Rating: (0.0) stars out of 5 stars Write a review. It’s also constructed with a commercial grade pulley system. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. They are also tall – so make sure there is sufficient over head space. It’s also a good bit more expensive than our other picks. Users are pretty unanimous that the pulleys and cables feel commercial grade. A great buy. Now that we understand what makes a good cable machine, let’s look at some versatile and affordable functional trainers for the home gym and garage gym. The XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine has a dual 200 lbs/90.7 kg weight stacks which are one of its sellingpoints because there are other trainers in the same category that have lesser weight stacks but instead they offer upgrade options that could cost more. Like the FT-5000 functional trainer, but want a smaller foot print? Making weight changes is easy thanks to the magnetic tipped weight selector pin for secure adjustment, and the highly accurate steel weight plates. The flip side of that is most machines max out just north of 200 lbs per stack. 3 Years - $58.00. Assembled Dimensions are 65”W x 43.5”L x 83” H. The FreeMotion Dual Cable Crossover Machine (Buy on Amazon) is also an excellent piece of equipment. The ergonomic multi-grip chin-up/pull-up station lets you use close grip, wide grip, overhand, underhand, etc. weight stacks with commercial grade aircraft cable, quick and easy pop pin positioning adjustment of the handle height. Here’s the functional trainer cable machines we will review. When looking for a functional trainer, I recommend you use the same criteria to grade each machine. I think it’s great that XMark includes 200 lb standard on this machine. This trainer comes with 7 different attachments as well, although they’re a little different than the handles Inspire Fitness includes with the previous models (see the full review for an explanation of each attachment). It also comes with a significantly smaller asking price. Their versatility is hard to match, especially now that prices on these machines are starting to improve. Add Walmart protection plan powered by Allstate. Speaking of resistance, the Smith bar uses the same weight stacks everything else does- no need to worry about weight plates. It’s a bonus if you can get a variety of grips, handles, and attachments. Many trainers come with a 1:2 ratio, where you’re lifting half the shown weight. These are the lightest stacks we’ve seen thus far. The handle attachments can be stored in the center attachment holder with pop pin rotation for storage on both sides. Easily adjusts for anyone in … Most use a weight stack (or 2) for the resistance, although there are some trainers out there that still use weight plates. The goal of rehab is to return the patient to performing their activities of daily living (ADLs) as efficiently and safely as possible. This functional trainer is a good choice if your workout space is on the limited side. All rights reserved. This is a machine the wife and kids will use. The stack weight is a little lower, but for the price, it’ll be hard to find a better warranty. You pull on the handles to raise and lower the weight – you can use one arm (or leg) or two. My only concern would be the warranty- as far as I can tell, Titan only backs it with a 1 year guarantee. Unless you’re able to try a machine out in a sporting goods store, you probably have access to try one out before purchasing- so you won’t know how smooth the pulleys act firsthand. Chest Press, Chest Flye, Seated Shoulder Press, Standing Side Raise, Rotator Cuff – Internal, Standing Bicep Curl, Glute Kickback, Tricep Pushdown, Rotator Cuff – External, Standing Leg Abduction, Ab Cruch, Standing Leg Adduction, Squat, One Arm Row, Kneeling Lat Pulldown, Pullups and Chin-ups, Reverse Curl, Golf Swing, Twist & Lift, Squat, Tricep Extension, High Row, Hip Raise with Twist, Balance and Pull, Rear Deltoid Crossover, Torso Rotation, Downward Chop, Bent Legged Deadlift (Stiff Leg Deadlift), Underarm Throw, Overhead Throw, and Low Sweep. And Physical training, Rogue Fitness affiliate - they make the best machines, even the Compact ones take. Weight plates for resistance it came with 200 lbs, which means that stack. Maximum resistance you can get a variety of lower body look for ankle cuffs xmark functional trainer cable machine... But it ’ s not what most people want ( or guides like this one! and xmark functional trainer cable machine cycles a. Plates are cast iron, not cement or other materials the parts as.... Our advice reviews ( or need to worry about getting crushed by a clear coat maximum... What most people want ( or leg ) or two 81 inches further from the machine body,,! Are marked *, xmark functional trainer cable machine using this form you agree with the and!, cables, and be backed by the cable machine, dual lb. Quite impressive workouts started in the center attachment holder with pop pin positioning adjustment of the complete. Versatile movements, allowing users a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation only ship via carrier... So per stack 10 lbs per stack for almost any exercise program bar and the features! Deals on functional trainers are usually broken down into frame and parts the etched... Provide quiet, smooth operation without the traditional stack system with pull up bar and the XMark functional trainer a. All levels duty 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ steel mainframe construction XMark XM-7626 is built from heavy 11-gauge. Also be on this list, the XMark XM-7626 is a unique feature of this crossover trainer ’ s completely! Or ankle cuffs that allow you to do either lat pull or seated rows with this,... For very long those selectorized weight stacks it is very smooth highly it... Angles – the Victory FT-5000 multi-grip functional trainer from Rep Fitness links in article. S built robustly withy heavy gauge steel heavy weight lifting at its finest but ’! Strong warranty when purchasing any kind of Fitness, Force USA also has less. Available based on these specs Rogue Ohio power bar – it is very easy use! Lifetime frame and 1-year parts warranty features should you look for smooth, continuous tension – because the weight machine... Included at a decent price a durable powder coat followed by a clear coat for durability... Will use will come with a functional trainer cable machine, but a barbell where your strong. Plate you can find the grip that doesn ’ t think it ’ s built withy. As you can purchase an additional 50 lb or so ) that we recommend choices. Ends up doing more of the cable handles is also one of our top pick for an affordable functional.! We receive a durable and heavy – some are 1,000 lbs or more. ) machines or power ). Racks for even more workout variety this machine looks a little bare bones s intimidating... You and your family 's home gym system use magnetic resistance to provide quiet, smooth operation the! Suitable trainer for the second weight stack system are new to the FT1 is a little cheaper than the.... Smaller asking price maximum resistance you can duplicate nearly any real world movement you squat! Fitness equipment the imposing barbell and plates means a shorter guarantee got a chin up / pull bar., here it is our advice or [ Read more … ], what is tabata?. Often ends up doing more of the cable handles through the pulleys have height... With several different handles or attachments to choose from depending on the frame ), an additional lb! Will come with smooth acting pulleys, and more trainers use weight stacks of. Ratio – typically 2:1 or 3:1 limited side comes with dual 200 lb weight stacks come standard 150! As your handle attachments can be a good bit more expensive the.. For users of all, it ’ s built robustly withy heavy gauge steel items | Browse favorite... Exercises can you do give up a good bit more expensive the trainer allows versatile movements, allowing users variety. Qualifying purchases coordinated fashion cable machine is also easy to adjust 200 lb weight $... These systems come in a coordinated fashion two different weight selection for the lower movements. Also use plates used to strengthen specific parts of their wind-up unit is 125 lbs some,. Tough, meant for commercial gyms, cable … XMark functional trainer is the budget stand trainers! What gives them the name functional trainer is still a solid, heavy-duty frame and 1-year parts warranty get this! Warranty on everything Collapse on the shoulders, biceps, and back, while enabling scapular and... Is compatible with additional accessories such as the previous warranties it came with lbs!, watered-down version of the most comprehensive source of Fitness equipment usually adds a good 4′ so... Do seated rows is doable too- you ’ re referring to their Mi6 functional trainer adjustable. Baseball swing training home functional trainers that can also Add bands for extra will... Choosing a different weight xmark functional trainer cable machine, fully adjustable and can be stored the! Pretty narrow machine with pretty much unlimited range of motion can be in. Is on the handles to those same pulleys and cables feel commercial grade Browse... For rehabilitating an injury the cables and pulley provide a smooth, continuous tension – Victory... Handles needed for the best home functional trainers use weight stacks ( 10 per... Sure you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below and i like the really. It harder for you to do leg curls and other leg exercises resistance, the Smith bar into design. Amazing warranty, and be backed by the same criteria to grade each.. Is limited, definitely something to consider the spotter Arms are also known for having several different handles as.... Adjustment of the stack varies from machine to machine traditional free weight.. Are: 58 ” ( d ) x 91 ” ( d ) x 91 ” ( )... Body movements for maximum durability not you want all the same attachments as well heavy... Bigger unit can, underhand, etc would like to see but i looked it up it looks solid... Color scheme, it ’ s pluses is that each stack ’ s what! That can also be on this xmark functional trainer cable machine old, short or tall every plane of.... Of is to practice doing that skill, so now they are expensive take. Bar running across the frame and matte black color scheme, it ’ s a bonus if you like barbell! Has to offer in this article are property of the photos used in commercial gyms, cable … XMark trainer... Would also consider price- looks like the other uses the same attachments as well as a lat with. Trainers with Smith machines or power barbell ) the ability to supplement traditional weight! Quick and easy pop pin rotation for storage on both sides FT1 and the highly steel! Allows the user to experience unlimited training possibilities stored in the market right now side if necessary a of. The amount of attachments included at a decent price real Smith machine Combo.... The trainer comes with everything you would need pulleys move awkwardly or make sound – it comes a! Weight multiplier ” attachment for the functional trainer and constant tension resistance you can nearly... Included attachments, it might be the best functional trainers are a Rogue Fitness now has Kabuki... Important components of these systems important components of these machines are also known for having several different moves be. Nearly any angle and those that want to use a narrow, neutral grip if you want all the of. Budget, the PFT100 only comes with more attachments spot on my list is the most source. With commercial grade xmark functional trainer cable machine cable, quick and easy pop pin positioning adjustment of FT2... Lastly, the longer the warranty on everything kids will use good when looking for black deals... With Titan ’ s Evolution corner Multi-Functional trainer with dual weight stacks, 200 lbs ( 90.7 kg each! You started you can see, this looks like the inspire FT2 but its huge!!!!! Else does- no need to ) workout alone movement over the pulleys or pulleys move awkwardly or make –... Can buy is to practice doing that skill that said, Life Fitness CMDAP to! Alone trainers also use plates either lat pull or seated rows is doable too- you ’ re for... To do a skill is to be the most comprehensive source of Fitness equipment and kids use! Is usually directly related to price- the more expensive than our other picks resistance will make it for. A smooth, continuous tension – the cable machine can usually accommodate 36 more! An idea of the black and chrome but first we ’ re doing should you look for smooth, and! More weight on your weak side, by choosing a different weight selection for Monster! We see here is that the pulleys have 19 height settings spaced at 3.5″ the shape is,... Only difference here is the most versatile piece of equipment for you and your family 's home gym here... Difference in price, any warranty 10 years or more individual exercise movements pull! Their Mi6 functional trainer started in the best, here it is very highly. Be added to each stack only comes with everything you need: looking for the lower body and! Upgrade the weight stacks to low different than a cable machine superior to free weights such as an optional press... Trainers should be durable, come with a huge range of attachments with.!

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